Andree Mohr

Andree Mohr

Integrated Partners Team

I support our growth on many levels as the President of Integrated. In this role, I oversee the day-to-day operations, manage budgets, and drive the firm’s key objectives to ensure the consistent and healthy growth of our organization. A particular passion of mine is helping our entrepreneurial-minded financial advisors implement strategic operations that enhance efficiencies, foster practice growth, and bring their business visions to fruition. Through Integrated’s CPA Alliance program, I assist our CPA partners in monetizing their most trusted advisor status while simultaneously aiding clients in their financial planning and tax needs.

Our success gave me the opportunity to co-author and publish an exclusive book “Center Stage: How to Become the Star of Your Practice” with Matt Ackermann. This book focuses on operational, team building, and business processing efficiencies to help empower advisors to streamline their practices. The end result: advisors will have a roadmap to grow their business, leave a lasting legacy, and ultimately provide a boutique, concierge, memorable experience for their clients.

My professional background includes graduating from Northeastern University, with its emphasis on experiential learning. I have been supporting advisors in various capacities for the last 13 years and truly enjoy helping them with their growth endeavors, facilitating business optimization, and ultimately watching them realize their goals.

Rounding out my life involves spending time with my husband and twin daughters, passionately cheering on the New England Patriots, traveling, and supporting charitable causes that are important to me.