Trust the Process: How We Eliminate Surprises from Advisor Transitions

The phrase “trust the process” has become so universal it almost sounds like a cliché. But when it comes to transitioning advisors, it is our mantra.

We thrive on the details, the process and the people who guide our advisors seamlessly through a transition, all while maintaining the integrity of the client experience.

After decades of knowledge and experience managing countless advisor transitions, we have streamlined our process to focus on four key areas:


We know there are a lot of moving parts during a transition, and this can feel emotional and overwhelming at times.

We know because we’ve done this before... a lot.

We are here to guide and support you while taking as much off your plate as possible… so you can tend to what’s most important: your clients.

Trust the process. Trust Coburn. You have your clients back and we have yours.