Becca Zophin

Becca Zophin

Integrated Partners Team
Chief Marketing Officer

I support our growth by providing full-service marketing programs that empower our Integrated advisors as they establish their thriving practices. In contrast to many independent organizations that offer limited marketing support, at Integrated, we offer a robust platform to our advisors, enabling them to concentrate on their core strengths. This is made possible through our firm’s marketing division, InTouch Innovations, which Paul and I established years ago to boost marketing execution. InTouch brings both marketing expertise and exclusive communication tools to our advisors, delivering an automated approach that encompasses email, social media, PR, and personal promotion. From one-on-one coaching, campaign creation, and brand launching to devising and executing marketing plans, my team and I collaborate to ensure a results-driven, boutique, concierge experience for our advisors.

Our success allows me to showcase our marketing offerings to established advisors that are considering a move to Integrated. Their level of excitement is particularly rewarding because it consistently reaffirms not only Integrated’s but also our marketing division’s strong value proposition. Advisors are genuinely impressed with, and energized by, our turn-key resources, systems, and platforms.

My professional background has spanned many of Integrated’s growth years. I joined the family in 2001, two weeks after I graduated from The University of Florida. I’ve thrived in our entrepreneurial environment, one that has allowed me to co-build InTouch. Seeing firsthand the industry shifts as well as the evolution of marketing, I am able to share valuable insights and serve as a guide and advocate for our emerging advisor community.

As the daughter of our very first licensed CPA, I understand how our partners operate, which uniquely positions me to help enrich advisor/partner relationships through effective marketing campaigns.

Rounding out my life finds me unwinding with activities that nurture a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and maintaining a consistent workout routine.