John C. Pastore, Jr., CRPC®

John C. Pastore, Jr., CRPC®

Integrated Partners Team
Senior Vice President

I support our growth by helping financial advisors build strong and profitable relationships with professional partners. Conversely, I help professional partners to incorporate financial services into their practice offerings and implement Integrated’s dynamic co-source model. The goal is a three-part success story:

We want our advisors to build their practices.

We want our professional partners to create new revenue streams.

We want to help more clients work towards their financial goals.

It’s a win-win-win situation.

Our success is magnified when our existing clients refer business to us. I’m proud that some of our longer-term relationships are referring us to new opportunities and helping us to win over new clients in competitive situations.

My professional background traces its roots back to Marriott International where a “spirit to serve” was drilled into me. This ethic led to my being promoted to Director of National Accounts where I held relationships with some of Marriott’s biggest clients. I brought that same dedication and philosophy to Integrated while building the Professional Partner Program. In addition, I am married to an accountant, which gives me yet another perspective. I am very much attune with the challenges that accounting firms face, and I work hard to help them create an environment of success and to identify opportunities where working with the experienced team of advisors at Integrated could benefit clients.

Rounding out my life includes a time when I was ranked a Top 10 Gamer by Madden. I was instrumental in providing them with information that they used to update and improve their gaming programs. I am a lifelong Massachusetts resident and currently reside in Wellesley with my wife, son and daughter.


CRPC conferred by College for Financial Planning.