Peter Kaplan

Peter Kaplan

Integrated Partners Team
Vice President, Insurance Solutions

I support our growth by… providing specialist knowledge, insight, and access to life insurance strategies and products. I manage relationships with vendors and carriers to ensure exceptional service to our clients while allowing our advisors to focus on their primary business. 

Our success… One recent success was assisting a family to reconfigure their life insurance portfolio.  They had amassed significant wealth, more than $100M, since purchasing the original policies.  They had purchased whole life insurance early on and the plan had performed as designed.  One challenge was that it was personally owned and given the current taxable estate this would be taxed at the maximum current federal estate tax level.  As limited planning had been done, we were able to transfer the existing policy into a trust leveraging the current lifetime exemption, along with other assets to assist in the plan.  The family still needed liquidity on death however the cash value in the life contract of the plan was no longer central to their plan.  We were able to implement new insurance in the trust, maintain the death benefit of $10M and reduce the premium by over $130,000 annually.  We structured it on a 7-pay basis and guaranteed the death benefit to age 121 saving close to $1M of premium.  By changing the ownership of the policy, we also help the client save $4M in federal estate taxes under the current regulations.

My professional background includes…As the partner in charge of financial planning in an accounting firm in South Africa, I specialized in helping owners of closely held businesses, and high, and ultra-high net worth clients.  Leveraging my planning and life insurance knowledge I was able to advise and implement tax-advantaged strategies ensuring successful outcomes. We implemented significant investment and life insurance plans allowing me to qualify for Top of the Table at MDRT as well as the honor of speaking at an MDRT annual meeting. More recently I have worked for a firm specializing in wealth transfer strategies leveraging life insurance for ultra-affluent families. Most recently I ran a brokerage agency which included helping with the advanced case design, underwriting, processing, and implementation of life, disability, long-term care, and annuity plans.

Rounding out my life…Many people would not know that I was a volunteer EMT in South Africa for over 18 years. I have delivered over 50 babies and dealt with thousands, (no exaggeration) of trauma and medical emergency cases.  I love helping people.  Some of the things in my life are my family, friends, golf, grilling, and great food.