Stephen Kolano, CFA

Stephen Kolano, CFA

Integrated Partners Team
Chief Investment Officer

I support our growth by working with individual advisors and teams of advisors to customize their clients’ portfolios, asset allocations, and portfolio implementations to fulfill unique needs and circumstances. This work helps our advisors’ end clients address and pursue their financial goals.

Our success… Recently a team of advisors was looking to onboard to our platform but had a series of portfolios which had to be transitioned in a specific manner to mitigate tax implications. We were able to evaluate the portfolios and line them up with intended objectives to minimize impact. This resulted in both the advisors and their clients feeling confident in moving forward with the transition.

My professional background I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors in the world; from sovereign wealth funds and pensions plans to large family offices. Applying my fascination with financial markets and the sophisticated approach and techniques of institutional investors to help clients achieve their financial goals is truly a rewarding and humbling experience.

Rounding out my life, I can be found most weekends on a sports field with my wife either watching or coaching one of our two sons. On the rare days I’m not shuttling to or from a sporting event I enjoy outdoor activities, spending time with my family, working in the yard, and listening to traditional Celtic folk music.